Contact and Bookings

Contact Number

We will not entertain inquiries or follow up about your booking by phone. These numbers are for emergency and last minute bookings only. Do not use this number for general inquiries, advance booking or to follow up an application. The people on the other end of the line do not have access to this information. To apply for the expedition, please email us at


WhatsApp Hotline: +63 908 890 8033
Working hours: 8am to 8pm Philippine time


  • Emergency
  • Flight delayed or cancelled
  • Check last minute availability

This is our hotline number, preferably messages than calls. The internet is not strong enough to have clear and continuous call conversation. We will attend to your inquiries as fast as possible but we will also remind you that most of the information you need will be on the website.

Please also consider the time difference as midnight or very early morning calls are definitely unacceptable.

All regular inquiries can be sent and answered by e-mail, we will only entertain last minute bookings. E-mails can take up to 5 days to answer so please be patient. Electricity and internet is not always available from the islands.

General Enquires

To join a trip, you need to fill up the application form on your chosen Tao Experience trip. The ‘TAO TRAVEL INFORMATION’ section has all the details that you need. Please make sure that you have read the information provided in our website.

We will not answer any e-mail inquiries that are already answered on our website. We cannot offer personal advice to help plan the rest of your holiday in the Philippines. So please do not expect us to answer any question about flights and onward travel details. If you do have a question that is not already answered here then you can send an e mail to

For any other inquiries the only way to contact us is via e-mail, however we spend most of our time working in the remote islands so sometimes it may take a few days to answer e-mails so please do not expect an immediate response, electricity and internet are not always available from the islands. Your patience is appreciated!

Payments and Cash

We require a full payment to confirm your reservation. This is payable by PayPal or Bank Transfer. Please be advised that there is an additional 4.4% charge for PayPal payments. You do not need to be registered with PayPal to make a payment. Instructions on how to pay will be included in your booking e-mail.

Please transfer the payment 2 weeks before your trip as it may take 3 to 5 business days or more for the payment to clear. For card security reasons PayPal can sometimes block payments if you are travelling. Access to cash is limited in Palawan. The banking infrastructure is still developing as it is one of the most remote part of the Philippines. You will need to withdraw sufficient cash to travel through Palawan. You can change foreign currencies in El Nido and Coron (USD, GBP, EUR) but the exchange rate in Palawan is significantly lower than that of international currency sites.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We only cancel a trip if there is a severe weather warning or if there is a typhoon and/or the Coast Guard does not give us clearance to leave. If our trip cannot proceed on the scheduled departure date, we will reschedule in the next two days. If you cancel, we will not refund your payment as we were able to move the trip. Make sure that your Travel Insurance will cover this in case it will happen. We will only issue a full refund if we are the one who cancelled the full trip.

If you wish to cancel a trip entirely then you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50 USD, 45 EURO 40 GBP or 2500 PHP per person. Also, 50% of your full payment will be forfeited if notice is given less than 30 days before your scheduled trip. This also applies to cancellation or reducing the number of person/s.

No refunds will be made if you do not show up for your scheduled departure and we will not refund any amount if you have cancelled 3 days before your scheduled departure.

“For reservations affected by COVID-19 lockdown from March 15 to April 17, you can rebook your trip free of charge or ask for a full refund less transfer charges.”

Rebooking and Reservation Policy

Rebooking and/or changes are possible up to 14 days before your scheduled departure but subject to availability.

1. A rebooking fee of 40 USD, 35 EURO 32 GBP or 2000 PHP per person will apply.

2. Reservation is also transferable to another person for a fee of 40 USD, 35 EURO 32 GBP or 2000 PHP per person.

3. Should you decide to re-book your 5 days 4 nights trip to 3 days 2 nights or lesser days trip, you shall not be entitled to a refund equivalent to the number of days not availed of. Moreover, you shall still be required to pay the applicable re-booking fee.

Travel Agency Booking

We cannot book any travelers who do not have an email correspondence with us. We need to know what kind of travel experience they want and if our trips suit them.

We don’t want a problem in the middle of the remote islands so even before the trips we have a briefing and may ask questions. Unfortunately we cannot book travel agents who have not experienced our trips.

If you are arranging your Philippine visit with an agent then email us first to know that you understand our trips and bookings will be done by agents with and let them know that we do not do special request like airport pickups and accommodation bookings.

We definitely do not do commission basis bookings.