Time to change and adapt.

The last two years taught us so much. We reflected on the many good ways tourism changed our way of life, but realized that we cannot go back to the way it was. We need a plan for the longer term, where tourism creates homes and secures resources so we we can sustain ourselves independently too.

To do that, we have to make changes and adapt technology and efficient design to run our new operations. We want to recalculate our footprints and drastically minimize our fuel consumption: reducing the size of our Bangka fleet, using smaller boats with sails and efficient engines, building solar powered camps and more community farms.

This is what awaits those who long for Tao…

Expeditions, Island Stays and Events

SCHEDULED OPEN GROUP EXPEDITION (March to June). We might add more when these dates are full. Email [email protected] to inquire.

May 09 to May 13 – El Nido to Coron
May 12 to May 16 – Coron to El Nido
May 16 to May 20 – Coron to El Nido
May 21 to May 25 – El Nido to Coron
May 23 to May 27 – El Nido to Coron
May 28 to June 01 – Coron to El Nido
May 30 to June 03 – Coron to El Nido
June 06 to June 10 – El Nido to Coron
June 13 to June 17 – Coron to El Nido (NEW)
June 20 to June 24 – El Nido to Coron (NEW)

Also available – PRIVATE BOAT EXPEDITIONS, 3-7 DAYS! Email us for details.

Join an open group 3Days/2Nights Bangka Expedition from El Nido to Coron or Coron to EL Nido PLUS 2Days/1Night Paraw Sail with our traditional paraw sailboat around Daracuton Bay and Bacuit Bay. Email [email protected] to inquire.

May 19 to May 23 – El Nido to Coron
May 28 to June 01 – Coron to El Nido

Day Guest
Bed and Breakfast
3 Days package
Boat trip to Daracuton island and Dara reef
Email [email protected] to inquire.

As we include social gatherings to our island experiences, we have scheduled series of mini-festivals for March, May and June 2022:
March 25 – March 28: Tao Relaunch Festival – Tao Beach Farm, El Nido, 3nights package. Max 50 person.
April 29 – May 1: Back to Camp Ngey Ngey Weekend, 3nights package. Max 40 person.
June 4 – June 5: TanTaranTanTan Beach Club, Duli, El Nido. Max 50 person.

Inquire at [email protected] for more details for events.