What has


The adventure started in the early 2000s — before roads, electricity, and the internet came to Northern Palawan.

We slowly shaped a project that combined our passion for exploration and our close relationship with our island families.

As remote as it can get — we had to develop a self-reliant approach in training, building, and farming for our growing venture.

The travelers that came were adventurous, slow-paced, and persistent to explore off the beaten paths.

We started on board a bangka called the Aurora, exploring a 200km-stretch remote island kingdom, and stopped at fishing villages to be hosted in family homestays.


As Palawan opens for tourism and development and the internet continues to spread stories of our adventures, we want to remain a raw travel experience.

We now have a model to use tourism as a tool to build a resilient community.

We develop livelihood, unique bamboo architecture, farming, and our very own cuisine, all from a grassroots culture of inherent skills.

Tao is a “word of mouth” treasure map circulated to travelers looking for escape and disconnection.

We grew into a fleet of proud islanders, providing an experience of our culture in the remote islands.