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Day Pass

Tao Beach FarmEl Nido, Palawan

Details and Prices

Come and visit the farm for the day. Walking tours are available where we will show you around the projects and permaculture gardens. Massage treatments are on offer from the Tao Foundation Spa. Then join us for a 4 course lunch in Kantina, made with fresh ingredients from our gardens. Chill at the beach club and enjoy some drinks from the beach club.

What's included
  • The amount you pay is consumable on Food, Drinks, Massage etc
  • Walking tour of the farm and the foundation
  • Hang out at the beach club
  • Enjoy the beach

700 PHP

1000 PHP

1300 PHP

Check availability

Bed and Breakfast

Tao Beach FarmEl Nido, Palawan

Details and Prices

Stay with us overnight and experience sleeping in our signature bamboo huts. Fall asleep to the sound of the waves and the ocean breeze. Wake up in the morning, jump out of you hut and take a dip in the turquoise water before joining us for breakfast in the kantina.

What's included
  • Overnight accommodation in a Tuka hut
  • Shared toilet and shower facilities
  • Amazing breakfast in the Beach Club
  • Hang out for the day on the beach

1700 PHP

2100 PHP

2400 PHP

Check availability

Full Board

Tao Beach FarmEl Nido, Palawan

Details and Prices

This includes everything you need to totally relax and experience Tao’s unique brand of hospitality.
It includes all your meals, Breakfast lunch and Supper and your overnight accommodation.
All you have to do decide how long you want to stay.

What's included
  • Overnight accommodation in your own Tuka hut
  • Shared toilet and bathroom facilities
  • 3 meals [Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner]
  • Hang out all day in the Beach Club
  • Yoga, Jungle Gym and other facilities

2500 PHP per night

2700 PHP per night

3000 PHP per night

Check availability

Long Term [+14 nights]

Tao Beach FarmEl Nido, Palawan

Details and Prices

Available for 14 nights or more. The longer you stay, the cheaper it is, so pack you your place in the city and come work and live on the beach!

What's included
  • Overnight accommodation in your own Tuka hut
  • Shared toilet and bathroom facilities
  • Breakfast, Lunch and dinner [3 meals]
  • Yoga space, Jungle Gym and other facilities
  • Hang out all day in the Beach Club
  • Access to the shared workspace


2100PHP per night

Check availability

3-Day Yoga Workshops

Tao Beach FarmEl Nido, Palawan

Details and Prices

Look out for 3-Day workshops on yoga and wellness – dates coming soon!

What's included
  • Your own Tuka hut
  • Vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch and dinners [3 meals]
  • Spa treatments
  • Shared toilet and bathroom facilities
  • Yoga Sessions with instructor [morning and evening]
  • Yoga space, Jungle Gym, and other facilities
  • access to the shared workspace [bring your own internet connection]
Check availability


Who is this experience for?

An Island Stay at the Tao Farm is a relaxed and quiet escape. It is for travelers who enjoy simple luxury, community hospitality, and open nature. The accommodation is in our signature Tuka bamboo huts, open to the ocean breeze which means that there is no Air Conditioning. Also toilet and shower facilities are shared and a short distance from the huts. Tao farm is for those looking to experience something different and possibly step outside their comfort zone.

Cashless Bracelet System

We use a cashless bracelet system. You will receive your bracelet and can load it up with cash in the farm or online through PayPal. We refund what you don’t consume at the end of your stay, or you can save it for your next visit.
  • Beach bar – cold beer and cocktails from 100PHP
  • Breakfast 500PHP
  • Lunch 700PHP
  • Supper 700PHP
  • Dinner [7 courses] 900PHP
  • Massage – 400PHP
  • Towels – 200PHP
  • Snorkel rental 200PHP

Packing List

  • Clothes for the day (swimwear for getting in and out of the water, shorts, t-shirts and tank tops) and night (light trousers and long sleeves to minimise insect bites)
  • Sun protection (sunblock, hats, sunglasses)
  • Wash kit (Organic soap & shampoo are available to buy in the farm)
  • Insect repellent ( also available to buy in the farm)
  • Bath towels
  • Sarong (day/beach towels) for drying up, lounging, and wrapping around your head as additional sun protection
  • Reusable water bottle (no plastic bottles allowed at the farm – if you don’t want to invest then ask for an empty rum bottle)
  • Sandals/Flip flops and Reef shoes
  • Flashlights/headlamps for getting around in the dark
  • Rash guard to guard against…rashes, the sun, and jellyfish stings
  • Other small things you may want or need: fins, camera (but be careful with salt water damage; we recommend an extra dry bag for electronics), a book, a journal, an open mind, a good attitude, a sunny disposition….

Check-In, Check-Out, and Transfers from El Nido

Check-in: 9AM – 3PM
* You can depart early from the Tao Office in El Nido and lounge at the Farm, but your room will be available by 1PM.
Check-out: 12NN – 4PM
* Room check out is at 12NN but you can stay at the farm until 4PM.
From El Nido Office to Farm
Daily: 9am, 1pm and 3pm
From Farm to El Nido Office
Daily: 10am, 2pm and 4pm